Organisation | Giro di Muscoli 2020 Foundation

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The Giro di Muscoli foundation is a registered charity in The Netherlands. It consists of a small group of enthusiastic and committed people, who support Gerben and Colin in making their dream a reality.

Members of the board are:

  • Mrs. J.A.M. Volker, Chair

  • Mr. T.J.F. Meister, Secretary

  • Mr. M.M. van Lier, Treasurer

  • Mr. L.G.C. Gravendeel, Member

All of the members of the board are volunteers and receive no renumeration for their time and effort.


Objective of the 'Giro di Muscoli' foundation 

To help relatives and carers who take care of people diagnosed with ALS/MND or a comparible muscular disease, so that both patient and carer will experience a better quality of life. The Giro di Muscoli foundation tries to fulfil this objective by organising events to raise funds.

Charity number / RSIN number: 860346286 

Policy plan Giro di Muscoli Foundation Main points of the Giro di Muscoli Foundation policy plan. Policy plan